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Tribe FanArt- Ved Doodle [29 May 2006|10:55pm]

Title: Ved Doodle
Character(s): Ved
Rating: G
Link/Sample/Lj-Cut: below
Would you like constructive comments? sure
WIP: no
Notes: Hope you like it ^^

KLICKCollapse )
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I'm Lex! [29 Nov 2004|10:41am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

You are most like Lex. Strong and powerful (or at
least you think so) good with the ladies and
somewhat of a leader.

if you have a website, save the image above and
link it back to this quiz

tribe usa
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Bray Friends Only Banner [11 Oct 2004|11:12am]


Please comment and credit me if you use this.


Bray FOBCollapse )

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Friends Only Banner [08 Oct 2004|06:16pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I hope this isn't against the rules or something. I was bored and thought maybe I can make a Friends Only Banner so I did of James Napier. So if anyone wants to use it credit me for it.


James NapierCollapse )
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[20 Sep 2004|05:46pm]

is so cute!
he`s mine lol
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